Our Commitment to Freshness
At GAVA Coffee, our passion is delivering the pinnacle of freshness to every cup. We pride ourselves on roasting to order, ensuring that our specialty beans are roasted, packed, and shipped every business day, guaranteeing you receive the freshest coffee possible.

Crafting Specialty Coffee Profiles
Our specialty coffee profiles are meticulously crafted using our Ikawa sample roasters. These roasters play a pivotal role in ensuring quality at every stage of a coffee bean's journey, from harvest to your cup. The precision of the Ikawa offers unmatched roast consistency, resulting in a vibrant and distinct flavor in every sip.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing
Beyond quality, ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our operations. Our beans are specialty grade, sourced through ethical trade practices that emphasize strong relationships and utmost respect for both the land and its cultivators. We diligently assess each lot for its taste, farming process, and commitment to sustainable practices.

For Specialty Coffee Lovers
For specialty coffee lovers and connoisseurs, GAVA Coffee is your trusted partner. We cater to those who value top-tier quality and ethical sourcing.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging. Every product is shipped in curbside recyclable mailers and boxes. Plus, every retail bag we offer is either fully recyclable or compostable.

Timely and Reliable Deliveries
We partner with USPS, UPS, and FedEx to ensure timely deliveries. Typically, our customers receive their orders within 3-4 business days of roasting and packing.

Choose GAVA Coffee, where freshness meets responsibility.